PGI Accreditation

Pips Cider and PGI accreditationEN2PGI2C.eps

As one of Herefordshire’s youngest and smallest craft cider producers we are delighted to have received
the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification for our range of ciders.  The PGI status means that we are allowed to use the EU reserved description ‘Herefordshire Cider’ to describe our products.

PGI is a guarantee of authenticity to consumers and helps to preserve traditional cider recipes. Being awarded PGI status is a fantastic coup as it helps us to secure our product identity, and strengthen our brand image.

To qualify for PGI status cider makers have to source their apples and produce their cider in Herefordshire.  In addition to the geographical requirements, producers must also achieve defined production and quality standards. It is similar to terms such as Appellation Controlee used to describe wine.  More details about PGI can be found on the this link.