About Us

About Pips Cider

Pips Cider Ltd. is a small family business which began life in August 2010 in the small village of Dorstone in the Golden Valley in Herefordshire, England.

Our five acre (two hectares) cider orchard is 62 years old and consists of seven vintage varieties of sweet, bittersweet, and bittersharp apples, including Reine des Hatives, Nehou, Bulmers Norman, Brakewells seedling, Michelin, Reine des Pommes, and Dabinet.  We do not use any sprays or pesticides and the orchard is managed using methods similar to those of fully organic certified producers in relation to animal grazing policies.  We are trying very hard to protect our orchard and ensure it grows apples for many more years.

Up to 2009 we delivered our cider apples to many of the local cider producers, but then we decided to make our own traditional craft cider based on the original  cider making methods.  In August 2010 Pips Cider Limited was born.

Our apples are picked, then milled and pressed to obtain the fresh apple juice.  This juice is fermented in high quality food grade containers.  Once the fermentation process is complete the juice is racked and allowed to mature.  It can then be bottled and delivered to our customers.

No artificial additives, colourings, or flavourings are added during production.  Pips Cider is based on  100% apple juice fermented to between 5 to 7.5% alcohol by volume.

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Here is the location of our orchard in the beautiful Golden Valley in Herefordshire, and the picture below is a north easterly view from the centre of our orchard.